simple, thoughtful design with purpose

We all know first impressions count, so it’s important that your messaging is clear and specific from the outset. I want you to feel confident in your brand with a visual identity that not only feels like you, but tells your story. A strong brand will leave you and your clients feeling inspired and empowered. I believe that no one knows your business like you, which is why i take a collaborative approach – working together will always bring the best outcome. I bring my expertise in visual design and you bring your industry knowledge.

Business card with Leeholme B&B logo design
Letterhead and Postcard for Leeholme B&B

design that makes your first impression the right impression

brand analysis

Sometimes it can be hard to see how others perceive your brand because you are working from within it.  A visual brand analysis is a review of the visual elements of your brand, and is a great way to get clarity. Are you attracting the right clients? Is your messaging consistent or confusing? Do you feel proud of the look and feel of your business? It is the starting point of every branding project I undertake as it lays the foundations for the branding process. It is also a great option for you if you are not quite ready to commit to a full re/brand design.

brand discovery questionnaire


review and presentation of existing brand

when you're inside of your business it's hard to see what it looks like from the outside

your brand is so much more than just your logo

logo + branding

These two terms are interchanged a lot! I like to describe your logo as the face of your business and your brand is it’s personality. They are both important and ideally work together to attract your target market and create a memorable experience for your clients. A thoughtfully crafted visual identity will elevate your business and tell the story behind your brand. It will strengthen brand recognition through consistent messaging and leave a lasting impression. Let me showcase your product/service so you can be proud and excited about your business!

I offer 3 tiers for logo and branding:

logo (basic)

logo + brand (essential)

logo + brand (elevate)

print / digital design

To create a cohesive look and feel across your brand, it’s important to have consistency. I can create print and or digital designs to compliment your existing brand or additional design for your branding project. Some popular print / digital designs include:

business cards and stationery

flyers, brochures and posters





email marketing templates

social media templates

a consistent visual identity builds trust in your brand

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